The One With The Game.

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Hello! 🥳  How nice to see you here. Do you want to know some things about us and this game? If yes you can continue to read here, else click the back button.


Before we start I just want to be very clear, you don't need to drink alcohol to have fun and never feel or make someone feel pressured to drink! And never drink and drive! Take care and have a lot of fun ❤️

Okay where to start… 🤔

The one about us 👥: The idea came to life after i started studying app development and i started to think about what i can do. One day I was at a party with my friends and we started to play one party game. I thought it got a little boring with the same game all night long and I started to notice that I am not the only one… But what if you can play more games in one game!? 🤯  I will tell you more about it later, promise! But now I have no energy to write more so see you later and enjoy the game! 

The game 🎉: This app is made to give you control of the party games. No more do you need to download a bunch of games to your app. Now you only need one game and that is The One With The Game. Here you can play all your favorite party games and if we don't have your favorite one I will highly recommend you to go to the text bubble on the home screen and write to us! Or just click on contact below. You are also able to send in your own questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

The One With The Game is a game created by ABL (Apps By Lord). 

What information do we collect in the app:

We do not store or collect any of your personal data. However, we collect information in the app and track how people are interacting.

You can always contact us and ask us what information we store about you and you can also always ask us to permanently delete the information about you.